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Anthony Biagi Winemaker for CadePerched high atop Howell Mountain, PlumpJack’s sister winery CADE has been a critical success since the day they opened their doors in 2005. Hailed as one of the “greenest” wineries ever built, it has also views that kill; making people that visit the winery lose all sense of reason and start figuring out how to move to Napa Valley. Amidst the potential vertigo of making wine in the misty mountains at 1800 feet, this team is given access to the sorts of spare-no-expense vineyards and cellar tools that make “great stuff” possible, and they constantly put out a dizzying array of spectacular wines that always make the grade. A leader in both cutting-edge design and exceptional winemaking, we invite you to grab your pack and join us for their continual ascent.

Current Offerings From Cade:

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